Increase your security – and never worry about losing your keys!

There are a wide variety of security lock options on the market today that are intended to improve the security of both your home and your business. At the forefront of this market is biometric fingerprint door locks. These give incredible security, whether it be at your home or your business (where you can also incorporate effective access control systems).

Forget about the worry of losing your keys or going out for a run and finding somewhere to stash your keys. With a fingerprint deadbolt lock, it’s as easy as registering yours, your child’s or your employee’s fingerprint’s and they are ready to go.

In the workplace, only people who are registered can unlock the door they have access to, which gives great security with a reliable access control system.

For tradesmen or friends that need access, there is a digital keypad that allows changeable pin codes.

Remotes can also be installed with these finger print locks, allowing you to open your door with little effort. These are perfect for multi storey buildings or if your door is far away.

Choosing reliable electronic lock manufacturers and electronic lock suppliers

There are a huge range of biometric finger print lock manufacturers and finger print lock suppliers on the market today. You can rest assured that Auckland Wide Locksmiths has put the time into researching the products on the market and will only recommend top quality locks, chosen on durability, reliability, security and functionality.

We install a wide range of biometric locks and fingerprint deadbolt locks and are confident there is one perfect for your requirements.

To give you peace of mind with your new purchase, all electronic locks purchased through NYC Locksmith comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.