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Commercial locksmith services including special locks and advanced security systems designed for your commercial needs.

Access Control System

Access control systems do what regular commercial door locks do, only they do it better.

Advanced Technology

Advanced High-End Locks Technology, Security Systems and Modern Lock Mechanism.

Commercial Doors

If you need a door that can take a beating, stay functional in the worst of conditions, and still provide maximal security, contacting NYC Locksmith is your surest bet for a quick and courteous installation.

NYC Locksmith – Commercial

Master Key Lock Systems, CCTV Systems, High Security Locks, Access Control Systems, Safe Opening, Safe Installing, and Commercial Doors are all things NYC Locksmith specializes in. We use the most technologically advanced hardware to ensure the defense of all businesses we service. We are the best locksmiths in New York City and have the experience to do any job, large or small. Master Key Lock System CCTV System High Security Locks Access Control Systems Safe Opening Safe Installing Commercial Doors Master Key Lock System Master key lock systems solve the problem of needing a separate key for every point of entry. By using a single master key, you can consolidate them all into one. In addition to making things simpler for you, other benefits include:

Security- Having fewer keys to misplace makes a master key lock system more secure. Scalability- New construction can use the same master key lock system.

Lockout Protection- You will always have a key with a backup with a master key lock system.

Access Control System- A master key lock system can act as a simple access control system.

CCTV System CCTV systems have long been the standard in surveillance, and NYC Locksmith has a reputation for having the best system installers in the city. By using a closed-loop system that feeds your camera stream through a wire rather than the air, it makes the signal less likely to be accessed by intruders. The criminals that it is meant to guard against are effectively shut out of the data feed by a CCTV system.

Security- CCTV Systems let you keep an eye on your entire business at all times.

Privacy- There is no broadcast channel for neighbors to stumble upon with a CCTV system, so you know who has access.

Records- Modern data storage systems make it possible to keep years of footage from even the most complex CCTV systems.

High Security Locks

High security locks take one of humanity’s oldest technologies and improve on it so much that some units look very different from traditional locks. They are not just for doors and windows, and we can even integrate them into a master key lock system.

Here are some of the protections that come with high security locks:

Duplication Protection- High security lock keys are non-standard, which means criminals cannot easily get blanks for copies.

Picking Resistance- High security locks use pick and bump resistant cylinders, which renders standard lock picks useless.

Damage Resistance- With the added durability that goes into high security locks, they are less susceptible to entry by brute force.

Never worry about losing your keys!

There are a wide variety of security lock options on the market today that are intended to improve the security of both your home and your business. At the forefront of this market is biometric fingerprint door locks. These give incredible security, whether it be at your home or your business (where you can also incorporate effective access control systems).

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We offer a free estimate for all your security needs. Our professionally trained NY Locksmiths are available 24 HR a day 7 days a week. Locksmith NY provides a 24 hour locksmith for fast and effective service. Our qualified professional locksmiths in NY are certified and bonded with an average of 15 years working experience.

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